Skin Care for Teens – Some basics to follow

Our skin needs the most attention and care whether as a kid, a teen or an adult. Knowing your skin type and being really careful about what you use on your skin is vital to your skin health. Let’s look at the basic rules for teen derma care.

Washing Your Face:

Washing your face properly is the best way to prevent teen acne. The fact that most people don’t know is that soap and off the shelf cleansers can cause more harm than good if you have a sensitive skin.

If you are facing constant acne trouble owing to excess oil, there is a variety of over-the-counter pad or gel that would aid in clearing up the oil. If a new product causes a burning sensation, leaves red marks or makes you feel itchy and uncomfortable, discard it immediately and find something else.

You may also consult and get prescribed cleansers from a dermatologist. This might become necessary for some real oily skin care problems. A dermatologist will help you find something good that will work, and not chafe.

Beware of bar soaps. Most teens do not know and pay attention, but bar soap can be a crucial irritant. Watch out if it makes your skin itchy or dry.

Do You Know? What You Eat Shows On Your Face:

Search about and keep a list of foods that are injurious. Oily foods and sweets will definitely cause trouble and will show up on your face.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can make a real difference. If you want to keep a good oil balance, opt for fresh veggies and fruits enriched with vitamins, acids and minerals. Whole grains and fish are known to be great natural facial cleansers that would work wonders for your complexion.

Watch Out for the Sun:

As a teen, you must have always loved to hit the pool, head to the beach, or just roam around no matter its sunny or cool. But you should never spend time outside in the sun without a proper sunscreen; keep yourself protected.

The sun damages your face far before you come to know. Do not take it lightly as constant unprotected exposure to the sun will turn your skin into leather over the years. Sunscreen can prove to be an easy teen skin care solution.

Parents should not take their kids’ skin problems lightly since the beginning. Do search for a dermatologist or just type ‘paediatric doctor near me’ or ‘dermatologist near me’ to find one. If your teens develop acne scars, look for the best tatoo removal dubai before they damage the skin completely.