Tips for finding the best EB-5 lawyers

We all know that how beneficial it is to apply for EB-5 visa application as it provides a golden chance of getting permanent US residency or green card in lesser time than that required in a normal immigration procedure. This enlightens the hope of several people, but let me clear one point here that this opportunity is only beneficial for foreign investors as in this case the applicant has to invest a minimum amount of $500,000 in the US economy. Only in this way he is able to get his desirable US green card within 3-4 years with maximum guarantee regarding approval.

But this process is not just about the investment, in fact it includes other essential requirements as well which has to be fulfilled at each stage of this entire application procedure. For this purpose exploring the best EB 5 visa lawyers is the only best option. The reason behind hiring specifically the top EB5 attorneys is that they are expert particularly in EB-5 visa cases which helps them in fulfilling all the requirement on time in the most appropriate manner. Following are some of the essential tips for finding the best EB-5 lawyer for your case.

Evaluate their experience

Maximum experience in this aspect holds great importance because only an experienced EB-5 lawyer would be able to identify the most common mistakes highlighted by the government as the cause of rejection. Secondly, as these lawyers have learned a lot through their experience so they gradually understands that how the US authority review the EB-5 petitions and what elements make them to approve a particular application. In this way he will make sure that your EB-5 application gets approved in the first review so that you could get your US green card as soon as possible.

Check their business concepts

As we all know that EB-5 visa applications are quite different from that of normal ones because in this case the applicant or the foreign investor has to invest a particular amount for the US economy, right? This means that along with appropriate knowledge regarding immigration laws the attorney must also possess valid business concepts. In this way he would be able to guide you as a best advisor that where you should invest your money in order to avail the most beneficial outcomes. This is why it is quite essential to check the business concepts of the lawyer before hiring him as your EB-5 attorney.