What does Cardiothoracic mean?

Cardiothoracic is a term associated with the heart, chest or lungs.

Causes of Heart Diseases

The causes of heart diseases are as follows.

  • The entire heart is damaged or some portion of the heart is damaged
  • Issue in the arteries
  • Not enough supply of oxygen to the heart
  • Not enough supply of nutrients to the heart

Mostly people get heart diseases due to their genes but there are some medical situations and aspects of lifestyle which can increase the chances of the heart diseases and these are as follows.

  • Smoking
  • Eating habits
  • Sugar
  • Stress and nervousness to an increased level
  • Blood pressure
  • Genes
  • Obesity
  • Taking a lot alcohol

Prevention of Heart Diseases

There are some things you can do on daily basis which are helpful in reducing the chances of heart diseases. They are as follows.

  • One thing very important you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to take a balanced and healthy meal every day. Try to eat vegetables, fruits and other foods that a lot of fiber in it. Make sure to lessen the intake of sugar.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. It helps to keep your body especially the heart and the cardiovascular system strong. It also helps in maintaining the blood pressure and lessens the cholesterol.
  • If you are a person who smoke then it is time you should quit smoking otherwise it can be a lot of problem later on.
  • Try to have a normal weight. Do not be overweight or underweight.
  • Do not take much alcohol.
  • If you have sugar or blood pressure or other medical problems which affect your heart then you should get them treated.

Diseases of the heart can be very serious problem and is somewhat very common. There are many kinds of diseases of heart. They are either due to the genes or some are due to not taking enough care of your health.

Almost every type of diseases of heart are treatable by taking a proper diet, maintain your weight, exercising on daily basis or by going to a doctor.

There are some best cardiothoracic surgeons in your city that you can go to if you ever feel the need. If there is ever a pain in your heart, you should immediately go to a heart specialist doctor before there are any complications.