World’s Fattest People

We all worried about our weigh and we tend to find different solution or yet, easy solutions that make weight go very simple steps. But losing weigh is never easy, if you do it in the old way like get up early, have a jog, eat healthy and less, and then exercise and then eat less in the night, sounds fun, right? But for newbies, this might be fun in the starting days but with the passage of time, they will find new ways to avoiding this routine.

If you try the new techs that help you reduce weight, like lasers that burn fat and all the other things like this, then you will have different side effects. Then there is diet for weight loss in Dubai and weight loss diet in Dubai, but these foods are very stale and have no taste so, this becomes difficult to do so as well. That is why there are some people who like to stay fat and they are happy that way, there is a whole list of such people, keep reading to know about them:

Paul Mason

The first person of the top of the list is Paul Mason. He is a 51 years old guy who had a heart break twice in his twenties and right after that his father passed away and then his mother left him. He is living on government stipend and has no job, he has a feeder, that just visits him to feed him at least 20,000 calories per day and wash him because he cannot do anything on his own and he spends 30,000 pounds in a year only on food and he weighs 444 kilo grams. He also has a bypass surgery because the fat blocked his arteries.

Donna Simpson

The next person is Donna Simpson and she was said to be the first fattest lady on the earth in 2008 and she weigh 450 kilo grams. When she gave birth to a baby, it required 30 doctors for the operation and she died on 2011 because her diet was reduced and she died due to different diseases. Though she wanted to become slim and wanted to get a job for her kids and family to support them but she did not live to see that day.