The trademark registration rules you need to know

With the world-class business infrastructure of the UAE, businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the globe come into the country in order to start their own businesses. Some businesses may also see the duplication of their brand name or logo without their consent, which may harm their business. That can support filing trademarks in the UAE. Your business is protected by the valid registration of the trademark, which could be a name or symbol. Furthermore, the owner of the products and services with this label you will be lawfully acknowledged.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks shall be a trademark, emblem or logo used by a private corporation to distinguish products and services. A trademark can consist of names, words, signatures, letters, images, illustrations, figures, inscriptions, images, or advertising that differentiate objects, goods or services from a particular source. Get in touch with leading legal services company for RAKICC, trademarks and will writing services in Dubai.

In the UAE, registration of trademarks has certain advantages, such as protecting the name and ensuring that other firms cannot clone or imitate the trademark. The UAE’s Economics Ministry is the official authority responsible for registering, renovating and cancelling trademarks.

The process for the registration of trademarks in the UAE is very clear, but significant. You will have to take the following steps if you wish to file the company’s trade mark in the UAE:

The first step in registration in the UAE is to ensure that another company does not already use it. You won’t be able to register this if the trademark is already used by another person. You can do so using software such as Marcaria to check for the trademark online. When you are confident that the trademark is not still in use, the next phase of registration in the UAE should be taken.

In the next step in registering a mark in the UAE, the official authorisation for trademark applications is to complete the online application form accessible on the website of the Ministry of Economy. To do so, click ‘Services’ in the homepage of the website and then select ‘e-Services’ from the menu. After you have been forwarded to another list, pick ‘Trademarks’ from the Resources page and press “Trademark Registration’ under “New Applications.” Delete the necessary documentation and fill up the application form.