The different types of mattresses

Elastic mattresses:

There are some mattresses in the market which contain spring to give elasticity to the mattress if a mattress is not given elasticity by springs then it is given with some other material. UAE residents can also buy a bed from bed shop in Dubai.

Latex mattress

It is a natural material that gives elasticity to a mattress and it also provides proper support to the spine of a person. It is very comfortable and reliable.

Coconut coir mattress

In coconut coir is a elastic and hard material and it is used to make a hard mattress. This mattress is mostly used in hospitals because it is an anti-bacterial mattress. A good medical mattress can be purchased from bedroom furniture UAE.

Polyurethane foam:

The main feature of this mattress is that it is highly elastic and good air permeability. These mattresses are very good for children and toddlers. Mostly students in hostels use this foam.

Memory foam:

It is a Hypoallergenic, reliable and durable mattress. This mattress is very relaxing and comfortable to use. This is the strongest filler.

Memory Latex:

The main feature of this mattress is that a user cannot detect the temperature change when he is using that mattress. This is a luxurious mattress.

Visco-elastic foam:

This foam gives proper support and comfort to the spinal cord of the person it ensures the good circulation of blood.

Sisal foam:

It is a natural fiber and it gives cooling effect and it is highly durable and reliable. The main feature of this foam is that it evaporates the moisture which releases from human body.

Natural wool, synthetic fibers, and many other materials are used for the production of mattress.

A Reversible and unilateral mattresses:

These mattresses are double sided mattresses it can be folded easily. It is usually made up of wool and it is a soft mattress and it gives warm effect in winter and warm effect in winter. Air can easily pass through this mattress.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

It provide support to the spine of a person, it is beneficial for a heart or a lung patients. It provides complete comfort to the patients. It also provides proper support to the spine.

Hard mattresses:

Fat people can reduce their weight by using hard mattresses because hard, mattresses are very good to obtain proper body shape rather than soft mattress. It is also very useful to straight your spinal cord. Body structure can be maintained with the help of this mattress.