Myths and Busters About Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s best drink and other than best, it is also very much healthy and these health benefits are verified by different food experts and health experts. But there are people who just cannot cope with a thing that is too good, they make sure to spread the mumbo jumbo much about everything. If you drink coffee more than once and a person has just come up to you saying things about coffee that made you think twice before having that second cup by the best coffee and tea companies in UAE or by different coffee’s syrup supplier, then we are here to bust those myths for you, keep reading to tell them more:

One of the many myths is that if you drink coffee in the afternoon then you will get insomnia or you won’t be able to sleep well. Well, the answer to that is, it is wrong and no science has proven this point. There are even some people out there who say that if they do not drink one cup of coffee at night, they cannot sleep well. Coffee is no doubt is made to make you active but it also works to relax your stressed muscles and system as well.

There are people who say that if don’t boil the coffee well, it can cause you ulcer. Again, another wrongful thing to say because there are different reasons of getting ulcer. For some people who have sensitive body system and they drink too much coffee, some have come out to get ulcer due to coffee but that only happens to 10 percent of the people. If this myth was true then cold coffee lovers would have died till now.

The third myth is that coffee dehydrates you. If this myth was true then the people gulf countries would have become mummies till now but coffee has water in it. And we don’t think that water can make you dehydrated. Coffee is good for curing most dry coughs and flues as well.

Another thing that people believe that if you are high on alcohol then drinking coffee will make you sober. It will do nothing except that you will be going to the bathroom a lot because it will make you sick to your stomach.